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Shinhwa Broadcast!!

Busy busy but really rushing a quick blog post just to share:

Everyone go watch Shinwha Broadcast!!!!

It’s one of the funniest variety shows, and this latest episode E45 with Sistar was laugh-out-loud hilarious.
If you can read Chinese, below is the Youku link!
I think the English subs for this episode isn’t out yet.

I also highly recommend all the early episodes from 1-30.

Believe me, you will not regret it.

Go go go!! ^^

(article: eng translation) “Engaging in friendly interaction during fan meeting – Kim Hyun Joong gives flying kisses and reveals his bod”

After Hyun Joong’s fan meet, I am so glad that many articles that came out showed that Hyun Joong’s efforts were not wasted, and his performances were recognized by the non-fan reporters. Because these are articles written by non-fans and reporters as such, I really value them because it warms my heart to see that they were touched by his sincerity. ^^ I guess most Singaporeans know that the two publications below (The New Paper and Lianhe Wanbao) tend to be pretty snarky and sensationalized, so it was really very touching for me to see that they wrote about Hyun Joong in such a positive light. The reporters must have been touched by him, they must have been!! *nods firmly*

The Lianhe Wanbao newspaper article was actually written pretty well and the reporter even mentioned the many cute details in the fan meet that some other articles didn’t write about. And yes, I really want such great articles by reporters on Hyun Joong to be out there for the whole world to read, so I decided to do a translation of it. ^^ Hope everyone enjoys it!

It was quite cute also because of some of the tongue-in-cheek descriptions she used. In chinese, the descriptions can be slightly snarky (in line with the general tone of the newspaper), but sincerely you could tell that she was impressed. I especially loved the line about how Hyun Joong’s singing prowess surprised her and showed that he was way above other pretty-face performers.

Wuri Hyun Joong has singing chops! Honestly, he really needs to perform these ballad numbers on national tv and prove it to all his detractors. ^^ Even my non-fan friends whom I pulled to the event agreed, and one of my friends said she saw his veins popping out while singing. As a faithful fan, I also often see his veins while he is singing. Makes me feel like pressing them. Keke. ^_~

P.S. I didn’t get to see Hyun Joong on Sat and Sun while he was in Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, and eating chili crab… *cry* I think some fans knew where he was but didn’t want to share it with the general fan populace, so it was only after he had gone that it was confirmed he went there. Apparently he paid $74 for the Transformers ride, and won some Universal Studio caps which he wore to the airport. When he removed the cap at the airport during the security check, his hair was in an absolute mess. How qewt~~! kk
I guess I could have engaged stalkerish mode and tried to plant myself around those areas to see if I had a chance to see him, but as you can tell, I’m jinjiat not a stalker-type or sasaeng fan. Honestly, given how my body would probably malfunction if I even got too near to him (hence I didn’t even go onto stage for the hi-5), I would totally not disturb him in any way if I knew where he was. It was actually very painful to know that he was in the same city as me, breathing the same air, but not being able to see him. Love is such a painful thing. (Now that makes me feel so sad. haha *semi-pained laugh*) But I’m glad that he enjoyed himself, and that he has fond memories of Singapore to bring back with him. God bless, Hyun Joong! All the best for all your upcoming fan meets!

“Engaging in friendly interaction during fan meeting – Kim Hyun Joong gives flying kisses and reveals his bod”

by Tang Jie, Lianhe Wanbao Singapore Press Holdings chinese newspaper

Kim Hyun Joong held his fan meet last night at Singapore Indoor Stadium with dazzling pyrotechnic displays that could rival any concert, and with the addition of flying kisses, revealing his bod and his abs, it’s no wonder that the audience were screaming “Hyun Joong oppa!”

In the opening intro of the fan meet, Kim Hyun Joong broke out of a “laser capsule” and performed two exciting energetic dance numbers coupled with fire pyrotechnics comparable to a concert’s standard.

Although the fan meet started ten minutes late (belle says: erm, this was because of some audience streaming into the venue late! Even the announcement before the fan meet said that they would wait 10 mins more before starting, to allow the latecomers to enter. I was commenting to my friends that this is a totally bad singaporean habit, it’s just like how singaporeans are also always late for wedding dinners), but Kim Hyun Joong performed 15 songs with nary a breather, giving fans a huge musical treat for their eyes and ears.

While performing his third song “Please”, Kim Hyun Joong showed his sincerity by presenting his bod and choco abs for full display (belle: LOL~!), leading the audience to feverish pitch. And while singing “Because I’m Stupid”, the huge monitor screens showed excerpts from the hit Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” theme song, and the audience sang along enthusiastically.

Although last night’s audio was not completely satisfactory as the bass was not clear, but Kim Hyun Joong’s singing prowess was completely unexpected. Compared to other idol performers that only relied on pretty looks, his singing skills were definitely on a higher level.

Although Kim Hyun Joong sang and danced the whole night, but he did not show signs of fatigue or breathlessness, and even playfully interacted with the audience by spraying water from the bottle he just drank towards the audience, giving many fans “showers of blessing”.

During the encore, he transformed the whole Indoor Stadium floor into a dance floor as all the audience got on their feet, bringing the audience to a high!

With such an exciting fan meet, the question on everyone’s mind was, when would Kim Hyun Joong bring a full-scale concert here? Kim Hyun Joong replied, “I definitely would love to. Things are still in the planning stage with no finalized plans, but there is definitely a probability.”

After the fan meet, Kim Hyun Joong did a record-breaking event of shaking hands with every one of the 3000-strong audience, and it was a remarkably organized and orderly affair.

“Currency” descending from the sky

Details for the show in Singapore were not spared, as in line with a performance segment featuring a “Casino Overture” theme, “Kim-esque Currency” descended from the sky!

Kim Hyun Joong is known for his quirkiness, and that was evident during his “Lucky Guy” performance. The video before the performance had him portraying a scruffy beggar, and in the midst of his performance, “Kim-esque Currency” burst out as confetti over the audience.

And, while performing “Happiness Is….”, Kim Hyun Joong specially changed a chorus line into english and taught the audience how to sing it, resulting in a huge sing-along session.

Talking about local cuisine, Kim Hyun Joong said that he loved chili crab, and was planning to go eat it the next day after the fan meet.

Inviting a fan “to bed” to show her his “signature moves”

Kim Hyun Joong was all about “interaction” last night, giving fans more than just a visual and musical treat, by acting out “bed scenes” with a fan, and giving an enormous bear stuffed toy to another lucky fan.

For this fan meet, Kim Hyun Joong personally designed t-shirts and badges as gifts for every single one of the audience, as a show of his appreciation for their support.

During the fan meet, he also invited five fans onstage and played games with them, teaching “Kim Hyun Joong signature moves” as part of the game, including “Marilyn Monroe delivering a flying kiss”. A lucky fan even got to sit on a bed with him, acting out a sweet and warm scene.

During a video segment, Kim Hyun Joong acted as a sweet and warm boyfriend who unfortunately only had a teddy bear as his girlfriend. Adding to the cuteness factor, he then appeared and personally presented the enormously cute white teddy bear to a lucky fan in the audience.

The fan (Shakila, 24 years old), in an interview later, shared that she has been a long-term fan of Kim Hyun Joong, “I’m still shaking right now, I can’t believe that this really happened!”

(and this is The New Paper article, fyi ^^)

Hyun Joong. Asia Fanmeet Tour 2012. Singapore.

It’s so late now (3.44am!), and raining up a storm here in singapore.
But, my heart is so warm. ^^ (aigoo, that sounded very cliche, doesn’t it? haha)

After the trepidation and excitement, Hyun Joong’s Asia Fanmeet Tour 2012 -1st stop in Singapore has successfully completed.

And honest to God, I can say that it has further confirmed to me how much this boy deserves to be loved and praised. ^^

I’ll write a little bit more later because I really need to snoozie, my dark eye circles are so severe now. But suffice to say that his singing was truly astounding tonight, even my non-fan friends acknowledged how good he was! And his dancing was smexy~~hot, with a lot of heart-palpitating dashes of the cute… ahh!!!
His cutely-accented english was just adorable, his natural cuteness just exudes out of his pores ^^

But most importantly, beyond anything else, I think that everybody (even the non-fans and bloggers who were invited to tweet about the event) could tell how sincere, how passionate, and what a kind and tender sweet heart this boy has.

Seoul RhythmsSeoul Rhythms ‏I enjoyed Kim Hyun Joong SG FM not so much because of his singing & dancing but his passion & sincerity in performing for the fans. Grt job!

Seoul RhythmsSeoul Rhythms ‏ Waiting to touch the hand of Kim Hyun Joong ‘God’s hand.

HallyuSGHallyuSG ‏ Just hi-5 with Kim Hyun Joong. He’s really sweet and nice while thanking each and every single fan. Kudos to KHJ!

HallyuSGHallyuSG  Hyun Joong is going to be the first artist to hi-5 all 3,000 audience! Looking forward to it! ^^

8DAYS 8DAYS ‏ Kim Hyun Joong beginning the hi 5 session now. With 3000 fans. That’s a helluva arm workout!

Running Into The SunRunning Into The Sun ‏ [KHJ] We had an awesome night with Kim Hyun Joong. Did you? Thank you for being such a great audience :)

ConceptualConceptual ‏Kim Hyun Joong just started the rehearsal. We can feel how hard he put his effort to make this fan meeting unforgettable moments!

KAvenyouKAvenyou ‏ KHJ is now singing the song from drama Boys over Flowers.. “Because I’m Stupid”.. Emotions overflowing..

SG K-WaveSG K-Wave ‏ Hope everyone enjoyed KHJ’s fanmeet as much as we did (:

SG K-WaveSG K-Wave ‏ we just hi5-ed KHJ (: And his hands are really soft and smooth ^^

SG K-WaveSG K-Wave ‏ Speaking in cute broken English, HJL is really super adorable ^^

SG K-WaveSG K-Wave  KHJ himself pasted paper under the seats himself before the fanmeet. And fans who have these paper, can go on stage.

SG K-WaveSG K-Wave ‏He is so adorable when speaking in English ^^

SG K-WaveSG K-Wave ‏Kim Hyunjoong’s sexy abs is free for all as he unbuttons his jacket~

(x)clusive(x)clusive ‏The official Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting Tour in Singapore has ended with a bang, kudos to all staff and the man himself!

(x)clusive(x)clusive ‏ Hyun Joong got the crowd swooning as he unbuttoned his shirt while performing Please.

(x)clusive(x)clusive Cute video showing of Hyunjoong what he likes to do for his girlfriend – cooking, writing a letter, giving a romantic gift.. copying the movie scene from Titanic, and singing only for her. He demostrated with a bear.

MyKpopHuntressMyKpopHuntress ‏ Kim HyunJoong fanmeeting in like that~~~~

MyKpopHuntressMyKpopHuntress ‏ I think i miss him already~~~

bebotbebot ‏ @sgRITS the fanmeeting was amazing it feels like i’m in a concert. thanks for organizing kim hyun joong’s fanmeeting in singapore. tc!

JoΔnnesskhjoongJoΔnnesskhjoong ‏Thank you @sgRITS for such a wonderful event with hyunjoong ! Words cant decribe how great it was ! :) record break of 3000 handshake

Evangeline Liew Evangeline Liew @sgRITS Hey RITS! Thanks a lot for bringing awesome KHJ into Singapore! This fan meet was totally worth it! Keep up the good work! :D

alicia ☁alicia ☁ ‏ @sgRITS love the handshake, it was awesome to the max. Thanks for the golden opportunity! HYUN JOONG AH~ ^^

 khjean Henecia 金贤重khjean Henecia 金贤重 ‏ RT @youngstars710: Leader’s so sweet, went down the stage to give shakehand n hug to the 2 wheelchair bounded fans ^^

EmillieEmillie ‏ Simply no time to tweet ^^ lost my heart to him once more

soKorealsoKoreal ‏[KHJ in SG] A touching VCR is being played now showing BTS of KHJ at dance rehearsals and filming of the video clips shown at the fan meet.

Scanation SingaporeScanation Singapore  Slick dance moves, impressive stage presence, resounding cheers, mesmerizing glow lightsticks and LED fanboards, Kim Hyun Joong has sure melted the hearts of many during his first Asia Fanmeeting held in Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 4th of May.

SeoulbeatsSeoulbeats ‏Kim Hyun Joong teaches the fans lyrics to his song “Happiness Is”, w/ his cutely accented english.

SeoulbeatsSeoulbeats ‏ It’s Break Down now! Can’t stop swooning over those slick moves!

countess lady bebecountess lady bebe ‏ He ish purrfect ^^ & a sweetheart to boot! RT Seoulbeats ‏ And he returns to the stage with “Kiss Kiss”. Still can’t get over how perfect he is


He truly poured his heart and soul into adding all the details and engaging with us in the audience to make the whole fanmeet completely memorable. My heart was close to bursting throughout the whole fanmeet, I was truly touched by him, and I know without a doubt that many many others were as well, including the non-fans. ^^

Even small details, such as confetti, were also taken care of: during his “Lucky Guy” performance, the confetti was specially-designed U:zoosin paper notes, in line with the whole theme of the performance.
Back and front photos of U:ZOOSIN currency at HJL's fanmeet. (via SGKwave)


And his adorable 4D-ness peeked out, whether it was doing Marilyn Monroe poses, or romancing an extremely lucky fan on a hospital bed (!!) of all things!

countess lady bebecountess lady bebe ‏ His cute 4D mind at work again~! ^^ RT @seoulbeats: A fan gets pushed to the stage in a hospital bed, I guess it’s KHJ’s way of serenading to a fan?

SeoulbeatsSeoulbeats ‏KHJ cluelessly walks out on stage while the MC was preparing the cheers with the audiences. Took everyone by surprise I have to say#KHJinSG


(via kingsley182)

(via kingsley182)

(via kingsley182)

My non-fan friends noted that even though this was supposed to be a fanmeet, but the amount of detail and care put in, and quality of the whole event, was way higher than some of the other acts we’ve watched. (Honestly without bias, they all concurred that Hyun Joong’s fanmeet triumphed even the larger-scale concerts such as the recent B2st concert. I also read another fan account that a Jang Geun Suk fan acknowledged Hyun Joong’s superior singing skills keke).

앨리스 앨리스 ahha @Shuhui_BCat is a JGS fan, but today she is Hyun Joong’s fan ^^ <3 glad you enjoyed it. YES HE CAN SING!!!

앨리스 앨리스 RT @Shuhui_BCat I m surprised that KHJ reali sing quite good and his performance tonight 👍👍👍 10s @wonderrrgirl for getting the tix 4 me…


And sincerely, Hyun Joong is just a truly tender-hearted guy. He initiated the idea to do high-5 with every single person in the audience (which, as I expected, he changed to handshakes which are even more tiring and time-consuming), and throughout the whole thing, he looked at every single person in the eye and smiled genuinely. I know this for a fact because I didn’t go up on stage, so I was kinda observing him the whole time (oops, does that make me sound sad? keke)
And it just showcases again his warm and lovely heart, when he said one of the reasons why he wanted to personally shake everybody’s hand was because he wanted to see and try to remember as many of his fans’ faces as possible ^^ When there were 2 wheelchair-bound fans, he also specially walked down the stage to shake their hands and give them a hug. Truly a boy to be proud of ^^

(via kingsley182)


I really couldn’t bring myself to go on stage in the end. I think that my whole body system would just shut down or something, so I was just content to be able to see him…… *sigh.. sobbie*
But the strange thing is, I had a premotive connection with him ^^ Just a day ago, I happened to walk past a store in Ion with my colleagues after lunch, and I saw this enormously big and cute white bear soft toy. We all went in just to check out how cute it was and find out the (astronomical) price tag too. But completely coincidentally, Hyun Joong’s videos during the fanmeet featured this exact same bear soft toy, and he even danced with it and gave it out to a lucky fan just now. Yup, so if that is not more than just a coincidence, I dunno what is! ^^

Niceee<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
cdt duomonia0418
(credit duomonia0418, khjean14)


Before I end off, just wanted to say:

His singing was awesome tonight, he sang so sincerely and emotively, and his voice was strong and clear, none of the wispiness that detractors constantly criticize him on. In fact, Hyun Joong should really sing his ballads like You’re My Man on national TV in music shows. Don’t restrict it to fanmeets and concerts mainly for fans. Let non-fans hear it, because it will definitely lead them to acknowledge his singing prowess.

(via kingsley182)

(via violettecal)

(via violettecal)


I also noticed that there were quite a lot of males in the audience, and some were most definitely fanboys. ^_~ I’ll post more photos and videos from the fanmeet later if possible, but for now, let me leave everyone with these compilation of his variety show clips, which made me smile while i was watching.

He is sho funny, sho 4D, beyond adorable.

Watch it and I challenge you not to fall in love with him ^^

Hyun Joong ah~~~ nomu nomu nomu saranghae deep-deep~~~  ^^
I hope that you are happily in dreamland now, sleeping right here under the same sky with me in Singapore….. Take care, you are always in my prayers, may you always be blessed!


P.S. Omo, I was so tired and wanted to just say a few lines, but I practically wrote a whole entry already, and the sky has even turned bright and the birds are chirping…! o.O;

I really should go to snoozie a little, but a little thought keeps peeking into my mind, if I should try to go to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, or Jumbo seafood today, if he would go there…? (i must resist, i must!)


I read this little factoid, that the rarest type of diamond is the green diamond.
And it suddenly struck me: that our Hyun Joong’s fanclub color is green, and at the risk of sounding totally cheesy, his place in my heart is like the rarest type of diamond, precious and treasured. ^^

WTFLifeFacts™  WTFLifeFacts™ ‏ The rarest type of diamond is green

Good night/ good morning, everyone! Do go watch Hyun Joong’s fan meet in Hong Kong or Taiwan or China, you won’t regret it. Be blessed and have a lovely weekend~! ^^

running man episode 91.

Running Man has totally topped itself!

I’ve been a huge fan of the show since it started (yesh i will always remember the rain-soaked first episode!), but I must say that this episode is truly the best I’ve watched thus far. The combination of brain, suspense and humour was just completely daebak!

And yeah, I’m on the Yoo Jaesuk and Haha boat ^^ I won’t comment coz it’ll ruin the suspense for you, but how cool is it that it also references michael scofield ala prison break? keke ^^


(thanks to kshownow for the subbing and links!)

a bright sunshine for monday blues.

i just saw this video, too qewt~!!!!!!!!!!

how can anyone hate on this guy, seriously?
i reawi wish that his cute sides would be broadcasted more to everyone, because it’s just impossible to resist him. And his smile warms my weary soul, truly!

(a shoutout to kathy’s bench for this great production!)


this guy is also sho shweet.
just too adorkable~~~ ^^
remember to watch the video by the stuyvesant high school class (asking him to attend their graduation ceremony) first, so you can see the awesome way he spoofs it…. kkk


Btw. Yeah, the boy is 4D. We knew that. and this is yet another evidence that proves it.
(and, Hyun Joong…. I wanna go back with you to the Mayan civilization too… I wanna see how they managed such eerily accurate astrology!)

Kim Hyun Joong would go back in time to arrest John F Kennedy’s assassin?

(via allkpop)

Kim Hyun Joong conducted a ‘Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview‘ with his fans.

The interview event started from March 20th continuing up to April 18th, and it recorded 313,000 page hits as well as 217,000 visitors and 24,000 participants in Korea alone. The response was also explosive in Taiwan and Hong Kong, as 252,6000 hits were received from the local areas, as well as 96,915 page visitors and 26,000 participants.

On April 26th, the ‘Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview with Kim Hyun Joong’ was held, and 5 fans were selected from Hong Kong and Korea to ask him questions they’ve been wanting to ask. Even when fans asked silly questions such as which era would he like to visit if he could hop into a time machine, Kim Hyun Joong was not caught off-guard and maintained a fun atmosphere on set.

He also didn’t forget to bring out his 4D personality while stating, “If I had the opportunity, I would like to see the Mayan civilization or the Inca Empire with my very own eyes. I’m also very curious about conspiracies, so I would like to go back in time to try and arrest the man that assassinated former president John F. Kennedy.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s full interview with Yahoo! will be unveiled early May through ‘Yahoo! Celeb’, and the singer is currently preparing for his ‘Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012‘, which will kick off this May as well.

(eng sub) part 3 of 3. Hyun Joong’s K-Pop Star MBC documentary.

Apr 22 @ 1:10AM:

The final part, Part 3 of the subbing…….. Geun~!! Finito~!! Owarimasu~!!! ^^v
Wowowowowow…… can’t believe I did it~!!!

As part of my (slightly obsessive-compulsive) nature LOL, I also added links at the subbed video pages for:
Hyun Joong’s “Axers” school band performance,
Hyun Joong’s “If you are like me” song, &
Toy’s “It is still beautiful” song that he sings during the documentary,
because I’m sure viewers would be curious after watching the documentary. ^_~


It has been quite a crazy few nights, and I am totally thankful to people who sub stuff!

But I guess for me it was a bit tougher because I did everything myself….
the translations, the background check (to double-check info etc), the timing to insert each and every phrase….

And then I rewatch the vids to ensure that everything is ok.. pacing, spelling, grammar, punctuation…… I think I can practically memorize the clips alweadi, haha


I know I wrote this at the end of the last vid, but I just really wanna say that one of the things I like about Hyun Joong is the surprising maturity of the words he says, which impresses me and motivates me as well to do even better in my own career.

I would type it out here, but I want to encourage you to watch the vid and see it for yourself ^^
On “role models”: 10:15 – 11:00
On “dreaming big”: 7:58 – 8:26

It’s not the first time, and certainly not the last time that he has dropped such pearls of wisdom… ^_~
For example, in an interview last year, he said that he doesn’t want to be #1, because it means that you can drop to #2 or #3.
He wants to be the only one, because that ensures more longevity.

Or when he said that he doesn’t blame others for failure, because that’s what losers do. (hence taking responsibility and the burden for Playful Kiss’ ratings)
“When I consoled him that maybe it was due to bad luck, Kim Hyun Joong calmly smiled and said: ‘Only a loser will put the blame on bad luck’.”

Or the time when he wrote a message, saying,
“If you are feeling down… even then, live with an active and affirmatory attitude towards life,
and happier days and good feelings will if all but surely come~~
I have always believed this, so I have always felt very fortunate and blessed”


I hope the above words have blessed you, and wishing everyone a lovely and happy week ahead ^^ God bless!

Hyun Joong “Axers” band performing during his school days:
He’s the one in black playing bass guitar, see him up-close from 1:52-1:58 and 3:36-3:43 of the clip.
He looks the same, and he has a chic and cool air to him ^_~

The song “It is still beautiful” by Toy, that he sang during the faux-KTV session in part 2 of the clip:

Good night and be blessed, ladies~!

(eng sub) part 2 of 3. Hyun Joong’s K-Pop Star MBC documentary.

Apr 21 @ 3.29PM:

Part 2 of the subbing is done……….. aigoooooooooo my poor eyebags and skin……….
It truly truly takes a lot of concentration, language skills, and sleep-deprived/ food-deprived hours to sub videos………

i think i need to go drag my tired body into the washroom to freshen up a little….. and i have an immense craving for ramyeon and bbq meat after watching Hyun Joong in the vids~~~~ *tummy rumble… totally haven’t eaten for the past xxxx hours doing this subbing*

Hwaiting for Part 3……….. enjoy watching, everyone~!! ^^

(eng sub) part 1 of 3. Hyun Joong’s K-Pop Star MBC documentary.

Apr 20 @ 11.04PM:

I am happy to update all you ladies that I have finally finished Part 1 of the subbing!!!! *yay~!!* *applause~!!* *sprinkles~!!*

Wow, I expected to take many many many hours, but because I’m quite a perfectionist, it took even longer… haha.
All the punctuation , grammar and spelling had to be right.
I also had to source for the raw videos, because the lady who originally uploaded it on Youtube didn’t reply me at all =(
And, I am so proud that I taught myself how to use subtitling software!! ^^v

Because I’m rather compulsive this way, I will now immediately start working on Part 2, and I am determined to finish it before dawn tomorrow, LOL! Does that sound like good news to you?

Meanwhile, enjoy Part 1~! ^^ Cheers!

Hyun Joong’s K-Pop Star MBC documentary eng sub.

Original post.

Apr 19 @ 11.56PM:
another long day at work…….. finally rushed out my launch report. Reached home just before the stroke of midnight… >,<

but i have resolved ever since last night that i will do this.
i will sub Hyun Joong’s K-Pop Star MBC documentary into english!
i reawi do want to increase Hyun Joong’s fandom across the world and the english-speaking communities, especially as his asia tour (and world tour) are just around the corner.

i have sent a message to the lady who uploaded the videos onto Youtube, awaiting her reply if i could use her videos to do the subbing.
once i receive her yes (i hope and pray it’s a yes!!) i will do it!

hope that i can get confirmation, and i can finish it by this weekend ^^

aja aja hwaiting~! o^-^O

Update 1.
Apr 20 @ 3.49AM:

Wow…… *blurry eyed*
I’ve translated about 20 mins worth already (took me 4 hours)……. hope that the lady replies soon, then i can start to soft sub it onto the videos………..
I have to go and work in a few hours’ time so i better snoozie a little or i will be a complete zombie at work………. will gambatte again at night to finish it~! ^^

Good night (mornin’), everyone~~~~~

Update 2.
Apr 22 @ 1.36AM:
Check out all 3 fully-subbed parts in my next 3 bloggie posts, I’ve uploaded them all! ^^v

Black day. did you mourn? i mourn… my appetite. ^_~

*hee* Posted this on my brand’s facebook page that day, and it garnered 34 likes…! o.O

I have such a craving for jjajangmyeon now….. was rewatching Hyun Joong in We Got Married at the amusement park when he ate jjajangmyeon with Hwang Bo, too cute ^^

(omo, moi ish shoo hungry now…… *cries*)


“It’s Black Day in Korea today (14 April) when people who didn’t receive anything on Valentine’s Day (14 Feb) or White Day (14 March) eat 짜장면 Jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) to “mourn” their single life.

Hope that everyone had a good day, using White Plus Renew to turn black day into White instead~! Wishing everyone a radiant and happy weekend~! ^^v”


i couldn’t resist…. i just had to screencap wuri Hyun Joong’s jjajangmyeon eating expedition~ ^^

Yeah, he eats his noodles with A LOT of chili flakes. (And his fingers are sho pweety~! ->yup, make no mistake, that’s his hand!)

How adoweeble, the way he holds the chopsticks and mixes the noodles up~~ *^^*

Does this make you wanna grab some spicy delish chow too?? keke.
And for those who want to watch the adoweeble episode again, here it is click-click-click! (via cathleen @ veoh)

rolling in the deep…..bed of soft pink lips and dreamland. ^_~

i actually reawi like the screen captures of him sleeping.

he has his little hand balled up next to his face… like a cute little white puppy angel…. kkk ^_~

Anyway, i have to say that chinese fans are reawi jjang~! It’s amazing how fast their translations are. Here’s another article that is also very cute (although they were obviously trying to go for a “scandalacious” title….haha ^^) So, decided to translate it into english again ^^


(via, Chinese translation via / 敏敏@baidu forum)

Kim Hyun Joong filmed a bed scene with a Japanese actress? “He looks like an angel sleeping”

Did Kim Hyun Joong do a bed scene in Japan?

Japanese newspaper <Asahi Shimbun> reported that Kim Hyun Joong and Nakamura An attended a PR event for a Japan clothing brand on March 14.

Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “During the filming of the scene where we jumped onto the bed, it was so comfortable that I fell asleep” as he shared tidbits about behind-the-scenes filming.

The TV CF features Kim Hyun Joong -in a white tee and cotton pants- jumping onto bed and entering dreamland with a comfortable expression on his face.

Netizens who watched the CF expressed, “He looks like an angel sleeping”, “I am envious of the model next to him”, “Even if he is only wearing white, he is still handsome” etc.

At the same time, Kim Hyun Joong is also the spokesperson for a Japanese beauty brand, driving the Hallyu wave in Japan.


aigoo…… look at his little pink lips pressed lightly against the bed sheets…… I look after little babies, and he totally reminds me of them ^^

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